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Transitioning from Summer to Fall

Transitioning from Summer to Fall

As the summer draws to a close it’s important to prepare your property for the cooler temperatures that fall brings. Now is the time to start developing your property for next year.  How can you help prepare your lawn?


1.       Give your lawn a break- Let your grass grow a little bit higher. This allows the lawn to recover without having to spend energy regrowing.

2.       Fertilize- The parts of your lawn that have been battered by barefeet need to be fertilized. Loosen up the foot compacted soil and keep them moist.

3.       Focus on trees and shrubs- Late summer is the perfect time to plant a tree or shrub border for your property. The soil is usually more malleable and this gives your new plants time to take root before the springtime.

4.       Protect your hedges- Lightly clip the sides and taper them upward so that any snow or freezing rain that falls goes between the branches.

5.       Remove weeds- Weeds are the most effective way to kill your landscape. The late summer is when these weeds are germinating and this makes them easier to kill. Also removing the weeds now makes for a better lawn and garden next spring.


These five tips will help your property regroup from the harsh summer activity and give you a head start on planting for next year. As the temperature starts to lower, be sure to keep an eye on your landscape and call one of our professionals for any gardening maintenance if you have trouble recuperating your garden or lawn.